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Santa Fe College Foundation's mission is to inspire, cultivate and assist private donors to enrich Santa Fe College students and our community through scholarships, program enhancements and facilities support.

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Santa Fe College Foundation offers a variety of partnerships. Explore ways to add value to your brand by sponsoring events, programs and scholarships at Santa Fe.

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SF is continuing to grow every term, and it's crucial to have the proper facilitates to engage students while also allowing for the best possible learning environment.

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You are invited to join us for the summer spectacular, “Havana Nights.” Buy your tickets now and discover other upcoming events.

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There are many ways to give! When making a gift to the Santa Fe College Foundation, the value of your dollar extends far beyond one person or one opportunity

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Athletic Field House

Goal: $1,000,000

News & Updates

"Havana Nights" at SF on August 1

It's a warm, tropical night and the sounds of laughter and spirited conversation fill the air. Couples sway to a Latin beat, the aroma of fresh Cuban food... Read more

Dance Theatre of Santa Fe Presents “Room to Dance”

“Room to Dance,” the annual student-choreographed and student-produced summer program of Dance Theatre of Santa Fe, will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday, May 30-31... Read more

A Night of 007

The Fine Arts Hall was transformed into a “Night of 007” for the Annual President’s Dinner, Friday, February 21. The theme for the evening centered around the 50th Anniversary of James Bond... Read more